The War of Sacrilege

War happens when words are not enough. Peace shatters in mere seconds and the impending war becomes unavoidable. The opposing forces clash; innocence is but a distant memory, tranquility is far from grasp. Angels and Demons are species that know the turmoils of war far too well. Forever locked in this neverending struggle, a full scale war is bound to happen every century or so. The Eternal Conflict was soon to see another great war… a War of Sacrilege. It would be more devastating to the world than the last.

To understand how this War came to be, we must first look back to the war prior. The Great War of Miriach ended in the defeat of the demons. The Prime Evil boiling with rage went back to the pits of Hell to plan his revenge. Centuries passed until he finally came up with a worthy plan. For the immortals this went by in a blink of an eye. He set his sights on a mortal town referred to as the Village of Eskiyurt. The Village of Eskiyurt was a place of grace, one of the only true places left in the mortal realm free of taint. Within that town was an obelisk that marked it as the true Holy Ground within the realm of mortals. As stories go, this obelisk was placed in the town by the Empyrean Reaper at the birth of the mortals symbolizing it’s protection of the entire mortal race by the divine beings known as Angels. The town treasured this symbol and since it’s birth stayed pure and true to the way of the Light. The Prime Evil now had plans to desecrate this land for he wanted his revenge to sting at the core of the Angels.

Readying his army, he began his march across the mortal realm to reach the Village of Eskiyurt. On his way his Legions of Demons massacred and tortured the mortals of every town and city they passed. Leaving in their wake torment, destruction, devastation, and anguish, for no mortals would survive to tell the tale of their march. Unbeknown to the Prime Evil, the Empyrean Reaper had very few Angels hidden among the Village of Eskiyurt to keep watch over it throughout it’s existence. As the Prime Evil arrived at the town he showed no mercy and the Demons began their onslaught.

The Angels that were hidden within the town were torn. They were desperate to stay and fight this army of Demons that suddenly arrived but they knew that they had orders and if they did not escape soon they would be captured and could not warn the Empyrean Reaper. With great remorse the Angels swiftly made their way back to the High Heavens. Making their way directly to the Empyrean Reaper’s chambers, they burst in without any hesitation for this was far too important. They described to her the situation and in pure shock she froze for just a moment. She quickly gathered her army as she had no time to spare for the Demons had went too far this time. Not only were they desecrating the most holy place within the mortal realm but they were making their existence known to the mortals which she could not and would not allow, they were to keep their struggles within the Eternal Conflict away from mortal eyes.

Upon the Domains of Angels approach to the Village of Eskiyurt, the Empyrean Reaper saw the town in total carnage. As her eyes locked with the Prime Evil’s he smirked as he plunged his hand into the last mortals chest ripping out his heart and the mortal collapses.

The peaceful, Light loving Village of Eskiyurt will for the first time know the feeling of despair. As the blood of the innocent and truly blessed soaks into the holy ground, the wind whispers “Sacrilege…”

To be continued…