War Council: The Taste of Battle

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Many of us, myself included love the thrill of a good fight. That high that we get as we circle our opponents, the movements, and the bashing. Whether we walk away shaking our heads determined to learn so we can stand victorious; or we jump away on that high of having just defeated our foe. It is in our blood, we can feel it, taste it.

While we go out in battle all the time, there is a way of meeting on even ground, in an Arena Battle. With rules set in place, and where we can be matched as equals, toward someone closer to our age and most likely to be near our skill range. How do these battles happen? Do they just appear when Angel and Demons start getting to feisty with each other, as a way for tensions to be release and disputes to be resolved? Although helpful in that area, the Arena Battles are actually thought out and planned by our very own War Council. A council whose 10 members comprise of both Demons and Angels, where a battle master is chosen, a time is set, and rules are laid down.

The council is put together with 9 Battle Masters with a War Lord who overseas them. Why do I not list names … well.  it gives the War Council a air of mystery. A standing of distinguished distance, as they craft their trade.

Together they set up a battle board – a battle board, how boring? The significance behind it is of utmost importance. It is what allows the arena matches to occur. It is here the battle comes together – the creation, the name, date, rules, and a assistant if needed. Once this is set and the word is sent out to our realm, the Battle Master then manages the balance between Demons and the Angels who sign up to fight. While there is no minimum amount, there are times when on side must have a member fight twice, and even a few occasions where the battle itself was cancelled for a later date.

The opponents are pulled together with name, age, teams (if there is a team), and on whether they agree to use spells in battle. From their the Battle Master matches each opponent up with their rivall so that, unless requested by both parties, a 700 year old demon is not fighting a 30 year old Angel or vice versa. From behind closed doors, from a council of 10 there comes our Arena Battles where Demons take on Angels, and Angels challenge Demons. Two participants, only one can come out victorious. To the spoils of war – may the best Immortal Win!

One thought on “War Council: The Taste of Battle

  1. Mysticq B. B. Carnifex MaCCon says:

    I think it is a spectacular place where skill upon skill is put forth as we fight on the ground with what ever rules are in placed and to be rooted on by those watching in the stands makes the adrenaline run as you try to defeat your opponent. Even if you loose you get prizes for participating and try it you will like it, might put cookies at the registration boards……wanders away in thought.

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