Why do I love A&D?

Hello – my first blog and I am so excited! I want to share this enthusiasm with everyone. A good place to start, is why do I love A&D? Why do I get excited to log online and go into my Angel role? What benefits have I found playing it?

For me, personally when I get into a RP session, I love bringing my character to life. Diving into the moment, and leaving my real life aside as I become, Angel fully. The skills I find relaxing, it is a light task to focus on. The personal challenge of getting 100% is something I thrive for, even if I do stop and chew out one of the objects along the way. It is only recently that I started to discover how fun fighting can be. The part that I really love more than anything is my A&D family – which spreads far beyond my choir and embraces quite a few demons. I have found some great individuals, a few friends, and a wonderful family. These make the time and work in A&D worth it.

I stopped and asked a few others what they loved about A&D, here are some of the answers I received;

“ღ Liv ღ (eris.ventris): Fun system with lots to do!”

“ღ Čαгί ŋįɠђţşђądǫw ѕуℓναηαяι ღ (xcariadx): skills and helping i think most”

“Ŝ į Ŋ ŋįɠђţşђądǫw™ ߣɑςκвµяи (sinkittenkcb): My favorite thing about A & D are the people I have met. Under normal circumstances I don’t think i would have met many of the friends I have now. It has given me an opportunity to broaden my SL experience as a whole, as well. I first joined A & D on a whim to appease a friend, and quickly found it to be fun and exciting. The RP side of it is awesome, and i have found myself opening up to other gaming outside of A and D as well. So thank you, for working so hard to give us all something fun to do.”

“C㊉ЯЯЦPƬΣD KIПG DK ㊉VΣЯD㊉ƧΣ (swaggerlicious): I love Playing A&D it allows me to meet new people into different ways of playing the game from all over the world”

“Rɑɥȿσɱσɲɑ Nιɠɧȶωιɲɠ ѕуℓνєя (raysomona.batz): Fun exciting game with a great community.”

“ღℒyrí ß ßŁɑςκвµяи ѕуℓναηαяιღ (lyricaldesire): I love A&D for the bonds I have formed. The relationships created, the families that have been formed. Meeting all these wonderful people on both sides has created an experience like no other. Most I consider family and there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t need them. This game goes beyond a typical hud game. Our Sators are gracious enough to consider our idea’s and include us in the developmental and growth. I love how it’s constantly growing and expanding and blowing other hud games out the window. When I joined this system. I found my home.”

Another thing that I love are opportunities like this, to be a part of something amazing. Learning and growing with everyone here is the opportunity of a lifetime that I happily embrace. I think one Angel in particular summed it over perfectly, and I will leave off with his quote:

“Ɗuкє Șuяiєl ƊαякŦoяgє (grdangelduke): The best part of Angels & Demons is that it allows someone to open their soul… live the journey they see within themselves being of light or dark. Angels & Demons wakes the mind’s slumber allowing you to live your fantasy, explore what truly makes you who you, and strengthen your heart through conviction. Live the journey, and become who you were always meant to be!”

2 thoughts on “Why do I love A&D?

  1. Mysticq B. B. Carnifex MaCCon says:

    Wow I really enjoyed the reactions to playing this game. For me I remember when I had the choice of what kind of demon I was to be then thought about my most inner demons and chose vice. I have used those resources in my character who in my world was already a lycan when she entered into Hell and gave her commitment to the Prime Evil. It was a new experience to consider. Then all the friends the fun things I have done mining, chopping wood, meditating or whatever in hell, at a Horde or other sim together and the stuff we do. How it begins to change your roleplay every where else you play as your demon develops over time. I found it the most challenging at first to change to Anguish to become a Chieftain, but in reality doesn’t vice lead many mortals to anguish. I then used my talents to taint my mortal world or bring them to the dark side with me. Don’t get me wrong, I have also had the opportunity being involved meeting some pretty awesome Angels who in war know we will meet on the battle field, but every where else we respect our friendship we made. I guess our Sators in a Eternal love affair made this possible too for us. I enjoy the time in the neutral zone laughing and chatting while crafting the time away. Playing the music others wanna hear play a game who knows but always find having not one but two very busy sims something to look forward to every day I log in.

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