Winner of the Fire Themed Photo Contest Interview: 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai)

When I found out that Ǥεïşɧą had won the photo contest, I was ecstatic! I have known her for quite some time now and have fought along her side during the War of Sacrilege and on occasional hunts since she was a youngling. Not only was I happy for her win, but for the opportunity in reuniting with an old friend. Like most long-term SL friendships, especially from across the globe, there are periods in time that prevent interaction due to RL circumstances. So, I was quickly able to take advantage in catching up with one of my most fiercest of friends. So without further ado, the winner of the Fire Themed photo Contest: 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai)!

As I comfortably sat waiting on the flowered couch with my pen and paper ready, I was admiring the contraction of muscles and ripples of a demon in particular as he beat the mining rock over and over again. My trance was abruptly halted when she landed on me out of no where. While my gaze followed her figure as she made her way to the other seat, all other thoughts were now vanished.

ℒҾɨҨ: Thanks for coming, Miss Ǥεïşɧą.

Ǥεïşɧą: yw ^^. Well you know my english is not very good so… hahaha I hope don’t mess so much

ℒҾɨҨ: Oh, you will do just fine. You look amazing! As always though ^^ What are you wearing?

Ǥεïşɧą: A dress xDDD

ℒҾɨҨ: Haha clearly, but by who? It’s so fabulous. You always wear the best rp outfits on the sim.

Ǥεïşɧą: Aw thank you. [I<3F] Dress [14] – Maitreya. I mix it with the shoulders of the wilds. Think your horns are from that outfit too. I think got them in another color.

ℒҾɨҨ: Yes! We are wearing the same horns, just different colors haha. It fits you oh so well. And what about the outfit you wore in the contest picture, which got you the win?

Ǥεïşɧą: oh don’t remember the name of that one I take it in. I ♥ rp

ℒҾɨҨ: I love the accessories you used that made the red silks pop out even more. I myself am a personal fan of nipple covers XD

Ǥεïşɧą: Me too! Yeah I love the outfits you usually wear. The covers come with the dress. What I added is the arms sleeves. They are from Luas

ℒҾɨҨ: Aw, why thank you. I enjoy the rp very much just as much as fighting. Speaking of fighting, you named your photo Flamestrike, and I can see why. Did you edit that yourself?

Ǥεïşɧą: Yup. I used the animation for the mana drain here. I thought will be nice for do that. You know the mana thing. Don’t remember the name :S

ℒҾɨҨ: Very nicely done. I recognized the pose and the background. So you used the Pylon as your location. What made you choose that place for the pic?

Ǥεïşɧą: Yes that. The pylon. For that, I thought that pose will be useful to express a flamestrike attack. In that pic what I wanted to transmit is my feeling when I’m throwing a flamestrike

ℒҾɨҨ :Yes, I agree. Great choice! You definitely look like a badass >:D So have you been out hunting recently?

Ǥεïşɧą: Yup a while ago was fighting with Sieril. I go hunting every days

ℒҾɨҨ: Oh yes, Sieril is a fun one to hunt. So, since you go fighting on a daily basis and use the Pylon every time you go out on a hunt, it only makes sense as to why you would choose that location for your winning pic. That was a great shot! Congratulations again. Miss Geisha, I won’t take any more of your time. I know it’s getting late for you, so I appreciate your willingness to stay up just a bit longer for me.

Ǥεïşɧą: Thank you so much hun :*

ℒҾɨҨ: Let’s go hunting together again soon! :*** <3

Ǥεïşɧą: When you want

ℒҾɨҨ: Maybe this weekend?

笑 Ǥεïşɧą: Sure. Just shout me

ℒҾɨҨ: Will do! 😀

Ǥεïşɧą: See you :*

All demons are invited to hunt with us. Just give us a shoutout or drop us an IM for more info. And the angels out there reading this, we are coming for you…

2 thoughts on “Winner of the Fire Themed Photo Contest Interview: 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 (mimaiselfandai)

  1. 笑 Ǥεïşɧą 笑 says:

    I’m very glad with your article ℒҾɨҨ and had the chance to meet you again. Oh! im very sorry to broke that moment!! you should have share with me and admire it too while we talked 😛

    • LΣIѦ ϾЯӨ₩LΣ¥ (glowyglow) says:

      Yes, it was a very nice get-back-together. Especially after our hunt. I am so excited that we are under the same Legion now. More time to team up! Love you :*

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