Zero to a Hundred Flamestrikes: Real Quick

The War of Sacrilege is now over and what did you do to prepare? Let’s go back to the time when the war was just around the corner…

Everyone is anxiously working and patiently waiting (some not so much) for the war of the year! Whether you are an angel or a demon, your role differs from the creature pounding the mining rock beside you, but with the same goal. To win! Seeing that the sims have been filled with beings slaving away for countless hours (new and old), it’s hard not to wonder what their motives and contributions are. So, I asked around, both species, what their aspirations, expectations, and thoughts were on the upcoming war. And this is what they had to say:

After days upon days of mindless clicking, I took the advantage of the task at hand and wandered through the Hangout Area to pick brains, rather than for ores for a change. In the past few weeks, I have noticed a curious set of crosshairs aimed at my head (or my goodies), so I proceeded to confront him about it in the most succubus way possible. Fellow demons: Know thy enemy. After a little small talk, I congratulated him on his most recent promotion as Herald and proceeded to inquire about his Choir’s level status. Taking into consideration that he would need all the mana he could acquire.

“Well, my choir is really young and new, but that makes it more interesting for me because of the great players we have. But we are in level 6, so I don’t see us reaching level 9 soon enough for the war. There are many ways o play with mana, that’s also something I like about being in a young Choir. it makes it hard. it makes you work harder, why not say, it makes you better”, ຖiຖ໐™ (dimitri.fehr).

The mischievous angel liked challenges, that was evident. Especially having the nerve to flirt with the reporter; however, she played with the mood as a good or bad (however you look at it) demonessjournalist should. Prying on the idea of challenges, I inquired about his greatest obstacle during his preparations.

“My greatest challenge has been the patience. We have been waiting for this was for months and that makes you anxious. You don’t really know when it will pop up, but as the same time you have the everyday life in A&D. So your resources fly away with that. I think that has been the hardest in preparation for the war”, ຖiຖ໐™.

Before being angelically violated in the Commons, I made my escape and found refuge in my very own Overlord. ĐαяϮɦ ṔԼαɢµεɨຮ ๖ ۣ ۣႠєηєвяæ (soggyfish), Chief Captain of ŁαʈɨиƇσƦ Ⴀȼиȼвŗǣ and a Demon of Hatred. Being his Minion, Centurion, and Eternal Partner, I can vouch on his war contributions; both as a fighter and a gatherer. However, some players feel as if they can’t take part in the war due to their lack of fighting experience. As a well-knowledgeable gamer, I requested an advice for the non-fighters.

“As time progresses, as the players age, they will become stronger. Allowing them to stay in fights longer and on dealing the killing blow to the hostile. Everyone can participate in the war even of they don’t fight. We all work together and we, as leaders, train the players wanting to fight because we want them to be the best. I will be fighting mostly, when the time comes. As for the “non-fighters”, it is best for them to train and have all of their skills maxed to 100%. I believe everyone has a part to play in this system. Those who do not want to fight or can’t, can help their Horde/Choir by supplying resources, as they train, to those who do fight. Leading them to victory”, ĐαяϮɦ.

After a well-sufficed suggestion, I was intrigued on the thoughts of another skilled player, but one that was behind enemy lines. Being that the war was approaching sooner than later, I asked about her preparations for the war.

“Parchment, lots and lots of parchments, lol. I actually keep a pretty healthy stock of most things, but with Choirs/Hordes being able to to to level 9 now and the artifact raid giving experience towards it, I’ve been doing a lot of raids and using up my spells. So, I’ve spent the last few days making parchment. It’s kind of frustrating spending a whole day making a stack of P3s that you go through in 15 mins writing spells, but wars are awesome and totally worth it”, roo roo (jenabernathy).
Without a doubt, I can agree that the annoyance of failing can be a bit overwhelming. Especially during an unannounced deadline, which should be any day now. After learning of her romantic involvement with a fellow demon, I had to ask her to put her pride and bias aside in order to share her level of confidence towards her species in regards to the outcome of the war. Her answer made me chuckle, I’ll admit.

“Well we kicked your butts last time, I’m at my domain sanctuary right now and sitting not 5m from where I’m standing is Lexi’s trophy for top overall kills in the war. So I’m pretty confident. I know this time around there are a lot more players on both sides, and we have a lot of babies very eager to get in the fight. But I do admit, both sides learned a lot out of the last war and that was pretty well proven in the weeks after on the grid, so I do anticipate quite the battle this time around. We did take out a Demon Arch last war though, hoping to repeat that!”, roo roo.

It truly is a pleasure with roo, always. There is never a dull moment with her, whether taunting, teasing, or spell foreplay. Regardless of her wet-dog stench (which all angels seem to reek), she will forever be considered a good friend of mine. Which makes flamestriking her bacon that much more entertaining. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, they say. But I just can’t seem to get closer to anyone else, but to my very own Tati Face. Even though I would have loved to have been partnered with such a
sexy demoness, with a hint of green in me, I asked oh-so-nicely about her Eternal Partner and their accomplishments.

“I am vowed to Eđđïε ߣɑςκвµяи Ƥիøєиɨϰ. We are almost to 40 percent at this time, working hard daily to increase those numbers! Depending when the war is we are working very hard to get to that 90 percent to increase our Armor points, and that 100 percent for the Damage Reduction to Flame Strikes!”,-Tαʈɨ Tєиєβŗαє Ƥիøєиɨϰ – (tatidoll).

As a Chieftain, it is her duty to look after her members, but also to lead them with love, compassion, and dedication. To which is evident in her case as her Horde, Phoenix Rising, grows as the days come closer to the war. Besides her heart-breaking beauty, her confidence was radiating and I had to ask where she stood as of now.

“I am very confident! We are in better communication this time with multiple Legions. Arch’s, Chieftains, Captains, and Centurions are in touch with each other even more. So, a unified Demon Army”, Tαʈɨ.

And there you have it, folks. So, I ask you again: What were you doing for your kind in preparations for the war? For all you angels reading: We, the Demons of Hatred, have a little message for you…

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